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Who am I?

pixelopera is a plethora of images shot by me, tamar weinberg, a 25-year old aspiring photographer currently residing in new york city with my wonderful husband, brian. my goal in creating this blog is to satisfy my need to continue learning how to take amazing photographs but also to entertain visitors like yourself.

pixelopera is a photographic journey into new york city and beyond. pictures of people to places and things will often show up on these pages. landscapes, when i can actually get out the city, will pop up as well. nature and macro photography is a newfound interest of mine so i will showcase images from that collection as well. further, under the influence of brian, who maintains railfanwindow.com, a transit site, i also aim to photograph mass transit. it comes down to being a site that covers just about everything that is photograph-worthy, as long as my camera is with me at the time.

What's in the name?

pixelopera is a name that allows my photography, which may be so unique, to flow like music. just as each piece of music in an opera is original and unique, so too, this site aims to put a different perspective on everyday objects, places, and people.

Photo Gear and Site Information

with a goal in mind to eventually become "pro", i'm regularly using a nikon d200 camera (previously a d70) with a variety of lens kits:

  • nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR II autofocus lens (72mm)
  • sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 zoom macro super II (58mm)
  • nikkor 50mm f/1.8 (52mm)
  • sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG macro (58mm)
  • nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED AF-D autofocus lens (77mm)
  • sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM autofocus lens (62mm)
  • tokina 12-24mm f/4 super wide angle AT-X 124AF pro DX autofocus lens (77mm)

    i formerly owned a hoya R72 infrared filter, but i ditched that in favor of an infrared modded d70 from lifepixel.

    i'd say that of the above lenses, i'm particularly biased towards the 18-200 VR (the best overall lens for travel) and the super wide tokina 12-24. i also have taken many good shots with the sigma 105mm macro, but the nikkor 105vr is on my wishlist.

    some of the photos featured in my photoblogs are from previous cameras i have owned, including a kodak dx3600 and a canon powershot s500 (which i still use occasionally). for a more affordable zoom option, my husband and i have just invested in a canon powershot s2 IS for its 12x optical zoom power.

    most of my pictures are posted unedited, except for necessary resizing and cropping, which i do using irfanview. i also use adobe photoshop CS2 for touch-ups, including brightness or contrast. in order to keep EXIF information intact for my d70, i used a nifty little program called ISOFix before editing with photoshop.

    i don't use any fancy page editors at all. in fact, i'm a fan of vi on linux, which is what i use, if anything, to edit these pages. in the windows environment, i use the standard notepad application, but have recently been converted over to notepad2, a lightweight color-coded standalone editor.

    if you want to make me happy, you can buy something on my b&h photo wish list. and by the way, they have good resellerratings which means they're good to deal with. in fact, they're the best.

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    Favorite Places

    here are some sites that i frequently visit:


    Justin Kirkwood | a rough and raw journey as one photographer attempts to go from novice to expert.

    Gentle Sea | a photography experiment by Arash "novon" Shiva.

    Photo*Kit | A San Francisco Photoblog by Wilson Lam

    kansasphotos.com | Don Palmer's photos of unexcelled pastureland and beautiful scenery.

    Baritone Photo Service | Brad Wilson is a neighbor of mine and has some beautiful photos of NYC and beyond too!

    Photo Editing

    NikonCafe— a discussion forum for all things Nikon (and more!) You won't meet a nicer community of people who all interact on a firstname basis!

    Photoshop Evangelists—articles, tips, and tricks from some of the best Photoshop experts.

    Fred Miranda—great source for Photoshop Actions/Plug-ins, Photo Tips and Tricks, and a place to buy and sell gear.

    DPReview.com—a camera site, if you will, but so much more, including incredible forums from photography experts


    Pixelpost—the brains behind this photoblog. the script that powers it all.

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